WSOP: Roman Hrabec Finishes Event #16 US$ 25K High Roller

WSOP: Roman Hrabec Leads 13 Finalists in Valuable...

Also No WSOP High Roller started last Wednesday with many of the world’s best players taking part in Event 16, the $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em 8-Hand High Roller. From the first day, 264 people have signed up. The second day ended yesterday, and the contestants officially entered the final stage.

Now, there are only 13 players left on the field, and the last survivor is getting closer. The winner will walk away with a whopping prize of nearly $1.7 million. Leading the way was Austrian star Roman Hrabec, who had a decent lead in first place.

Hrabec enters Day 3 with 6,050,000 in chips, which equates to just over 60 blinds. return. He was followed by American Frank Funaro who raised $5,065,000. Third was Latvia’s Aleksejs Ponakovs with 4,470,000 in chips and the last player to reach 4KK was Portugal’s João Vieira with 4,090,000 in chips.

The 13 finalists also Including five-time WSOP champion Brian Rast, Isaac Haxton, Darren Elias and two-time WSOP champion Kristen Foxen. Even without reps in the sprint, Brazil can still rack up nice prizes in the competition. Credit goes to Renan Bruschi.

“Internet93o” holds a 10 percent stake in the Austrian player and can guarantee up to a six-figure sum based on Hrabek’s performance. Renan Bruschi joked on Instagram: “Best 10% ever? Vamooooooooo” were some of the words of the Brazilian star, who had every reason to root for Roman.

Event #16 is scheduled to continue at 12:00 noon Las Vegas time, 4:00 pm Brazil time with blinds 50,000/100,000. The 13 finalists have received at least $79,335. The winner will take home a whopping $1,698,215. Will “Nice” get away with it?

Renan Bruschi

WSOP: Roman Hrabec Leads 13 Finalists in Valuable...

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