Vicente Delgado Takes 2nd Place All-In in FT at SCOOP ME 108-M

Poker The SCOOP will finally have a Spaniard at the final table of one of its main events.

Vicente Delgado Alone but leading Main Event 108 -M $1,050, doubling the runner-up by a ridiculous points advantage.

The finalists have earned $37,540 and are playing up to $600,639 for it. Strategically, Vincent is favored by the presence of three nearly similar stacks in the chase group, and these players basically have to feel like they have far more to lose than they gain in interacting with him.

We would like to see” “railerita” also raced today, but he barely played on day 3 of Main Event High.

The button has moved A couple of breaks in Sory’s seat, which carried AK.

Up front, “lipe piv” opened TT and was 3-bet to 6bb The answer greets Holy Hell with AQs Sory puts his 25BB in the middle and begins an anxious thinking period that can show many alternatives what happened to be most favorable, folding from TT and calling from AQ, We’ll all sign.

The flop started spitting out almost relevant low cards, and the turn seemed to be in jeopardy. The most obvious thing for all of us was that the straight on the table would Done, half the pot would have vanished into thin air, 6534, but to our surprise on the river Soraya cleared Queen in 39th ($29,432)..

Fans There was another treat, possibly a double final table with two mainstays of La Roja Elías Gutiérrez and Juan Pardo winning SCOOP 113-M $2,100.

Just in the final two A table reshuffle was still possible but the Spaniard’s venture ended in a draw. Elias didn’t even make it in (17th), while Malaka was eliminated first after the table reshuffle (16th, $4,648 per card ).

Fortunately, Miguel Riera was one of the most active players during this period. Music Festival, came to the rescue and entered the SCOOP 112-H Series Saver $1,050 Final Table. He underutilized his 140BB stack that made him the chip leader early in the final table, but the momentum propelled him to fifth place and a massive payout, resulting in a total of 47 $, $147.

Hope it’s good for It worked better for Vicente, who was basically in the same situation as Miguel was at the final table. See you tonight.


  • This text seems to be discussing the performance of Spanish poker players in the SCOOP event, highlighting Vicente Delgado’s significant lead in the Main Event and the successes of other Spanish players. It also mentions the disappointment of some players not making it to the final table but acknowledges Miguel Riera’s strong performance.

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