Tom Dwan Wins Biggest Televised Jackpot Ever: $3,081,000!

Tom Dwan Wins Biggest Televised Jackpot Ever: $3,0...

Hustler Casino LiveMillion Dollar Game It didn’t start off well, but in the end all the heartache from the production company paid off.

A second meeting scheduled for the weekend was canceled to reflect the emergence of real star Tom Dwan improving a rather lackluster lineup in the first edition tone.

The show has proven to be a compendium of the best and worst of the new generation of video games with a high demand to offer. Tony G unplugged the mic and walked away from the TV, the two fighters had to be appeased off the floor and challenged each other to a sparring match, with the fighters accusing Tom Dewan of slowly rolling his hand…  ..but there. There were also some great hands aimed at making poker history on television.

Let’s start with a group of players who gather to play Monday night through Tuesday. Dwan faced Rob Yong, Doug Polk and a group of regular opponents on the show, including Window Nik Airball, who was defeated in heads-up by Matt Berkey as the weakest The player was a likable character in the controversial first and only live broadcast of high stakes poker. He was then joined by Castellon’s new owner, Haralabos Voulgaris.

12 hours of competition – just having a second round of reruns on YouTube pays off because this time the show The members of the show did not disclose the name of the show, and at least have received at least $1,000,000 in funding.

Blinds were $500/$1,000 and remained the same, but the BB bet varied throughout the night, from $1,000 to $5,000 in the last few hands.

Let’s go straight to the golden hour, when the biggest jackpot ever televised was broken. That’s what the game is all about.

This is the $3.1 million hand Tom Dwan saw on the @HCLPokerShow

– Barstool Poker: Cracking Aces (@CrackingAAces) May 31, 2023.

It was a $3,000,000+ bluff and Dwan made a huge call with QQ overpair on a low flop. Not wanting to bluff AK, Wesley put his head in his arms and waited to fold, a dramatic end to the quarter that needed to build the pot.

Another much-discussed moment on the show was No. 7 Pot, where Tom Dwan took a five-minute timeout to spot Doug Polk’s bluff , but this time his hand was stronger, full house, so strong that the discussion centered on whether Dwan Polk was slow to roll.

1.13 million pot! ! ! @TomDwan vs @DougPolkVids!!!

One of the craziest, weirdest and biggest hands in poker TV/streaming history! ! !

Watch the Million Dollar Game Now:

— Hustler Casino Live (@HCLPokerShow) May 31, 2023 day

The name Tom Dwan is closely associated with the biggest jackpots on television. With this jackpot, he confirmed that his fame is still strong 15 years later, the number of years since he appeared on High Stakes and started playing jackpots of this size.

And look outside, the game is still going on…

Tom Dwan Wins Biggest Televised Jackpot Ever: $3,0...


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