SCOOP: Two Brazilians involved in ME Medium decision

Wednesday (31) It will be historic for Brazilian poker in all three editions of the PokerStars SCOOP Main Event. Just like Felipe Boianovsky and Paulo Brombim reached the tiebreaker in the senior event, Brazil will have two representatives at the final table in the intermediate version with a $1,050 buy-in.

The number of participants in the competition is large. Out of a total of 4,206 entrants, only 9 players remained in contention for the massive prize. One of them is Vinicius Correia, “Bretera”, from the Like A Boss Poker team. He holds the fourth largest chip stack with 58,061,369 chips.

The other Brazilian in the tiebreaker was Gabriel Moura, “aaurelio”, who had a special moment over the past few days and won a lot of money. With a stack of 37,921,750 in chips, he found himself facing yet another decision.

Top of the tournament is Spain’s Vicente Delgado, “vicenfish”, with 116,395,896 chips, almost double that of Ukraine’s “bombon73”, who has 59,444 chips. Second place is 107 chips.

The SCOOP Main Event Media final table will be held this Wednesday at 1:30pm. All qualifiers have earned at least $37,540. However, the $600,639 prize pool set aside for the championship overall is in jeopardy. The blinds are back at 400,000 / 800.00 with a 100,000 ante.

Check Chip Counts:

Vicente Delgado “vicenfish” (Spain) – 116.395 .896

“bombon73” (Ukraine) – 59.444.107

“rolandinjo” (Latvia) – 58.912.234

Vinicius Correia “Bretera” (Brazil) ) – 58.061.369

“moffo13 ” (Croatia) – 43.348.030

Gabriel Moura “aaurelio” (Brazil) – 37.921.750

“2ndOnly2God” (UK) – 23,319,656

“IReadB00ks” (Malta) – 17,464,222

“FAPTOBblY_BACK” (Switzerland) – 4,732,736

See prize money:

1. – $600,639 2nd place – $424,714 3rd place – $300,318 4th place – $212,357 5th place – $150,159 6th place – $106,178 7th place – $75,080 8th place – $53,089 9th place – $37 540


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    This text discusses the participation of Brazilian poker players in the PokerStars SCOOP Main Event, with two representatives reaching the final table. It also highlights the large number of participants in the competition and the prize pool at stake.

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