Phil Hellmuth is suffering without an FT in the WSOP so far

Three Semi-Final Tables, No Decisive Decisions: Ph...

Every WSOP question starts with an expectation : Will Phil Hellmuth, the series’ greatest champion, add more color to his accomplishment? The 16-title American has been around since the start of the current edition, but it hasn’t been easy so far.

Cheating at “Poker,” the world’s largest poker series, to claim his 17th title Blatter even managed to reach some finals. But frustration must be there for the demanding player, who has yet to hit a penalty in the series this season and has hit the post three times. This is the result of Hellmuth’s three semi-final appearances in 2023.

However, none of the players ranked higher than 11th. The first was Event 35, the $10,000 Secret Bounty, where Andre Akkari came in 10th. In this case, Hellmuth was exactly 11th, and he came close to making a decision, but ultimately didn’t. Still, it brought in the second-highest prize money of the series so far at $45,301.

A few days later , Hellmuth returned to the semi-final table and it was an important match. The American came close to winning the star-studded $50,000 Poker Players Championship, but lost in front of the Financial Times. Phil finished 14th for $97,209, his biggest WSOP win of the year.

Finally, Hellmuth’s third “almost” final table came in Event #54 $10,000 HORSE tournament. Simultaneously with the first, “The Poker Kid” was again No. 11 and hit another bar. This time around, he earned $29,478 for his entry, although the aftertaste was somewhat bitter.

If you count the three semi-finals, Phil Hellmuth already has nine ITMs in 2023. Can he hit any FT and increase his FT? Is the number of titles in this issue still blank?

Three Semi-Final Tables, No Decisive Decisions: Ph...

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