Most Successful Players at Different Vegas Casinos

Who wins the most at the top Las Vegas casinos?

Usually when the WSOP takes place in Las Vegas, all the attention in the poker world is focused there. However, tournaments are regularly held here, ranging from low-cost events to small “high roller” meetings. Many players spend almost all year there.

The portal has decided to investigate who wins the most at the best Sin City casinos. This turned out to be a very interesting infographic for the Wynn, Aria Resort, Bellagio, and Venetian poker rooms.

Statistics are measured against two parameters: biggest wins and most hit prices.


  • Wynn Casino
  • Aria Resort
  • Bellagio
  • The Venetian

Wynn Casino

For many years, the Wynn Casino has been consistently voted the best place for a poker vacation. It holds the world record and has recently hosted one-point events.

The Wynn’s most successful poker player was Canadian Eliot Hudon. He won the record-breaking $10,400 WPT title in 2022. Eliot took home $4,136,000 for first place. Notably, he earned just over $10,000 at the Wynn before finishing second.

The majority of the awards went to Ben Palmer. He is an active grinder, holding low-cost tournaments. He has won ITM 73 times.

Aria Resort

Aria Casino has likely paid out billions of dollars since hosting the SHRB, USA Poker, PokerGO Circuit and other series. The disgraced Jake Schindler topped the list of top players with $15,892,115 in prize money. However, that amount would be higher if Jack was banned from almost all of his episodes on the Aria.

Vegas veteran Cary Katz is the biggest winner. He has reached the ITM 103 times.


Gamers have mixed opinions about the Bellagio. Some people love this casino while others like Negreanu call it the worst place ever. Within its walls, however, lies Bobby’s Room, a 24-hour motorbike whose size is prohibitive. Championships are also held there, but with a different intensity. Bellagio’s leader is Thomas Marchese with $1,574,518.

The casino’s “most consistent” player is Cary Katz once again. Here he won money 43 times.

The Venetian

A beautiful casino popular with both casual players and tourists. No expensive tournaments, but plenty of mid-limit events. The Venetian’s top poker player is Qing Liu with $1,542,416. He earned it over several rounds by winning and finishing WPT events.

The top scorer was Ben Palmer. It appears he’s played more at the Venetian than at the Wynn – he’s done 142 of 380 ITM matches in his career.

Who wins the most at the top Las Vegas casinos?

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