Mariotta Wins Last X Poker at Santa Fe Casino

Mariotta Wins Last X Poker at Santa Fe Casino

2024 starts with a bang at Santa Fe Casino. Having hosted two editions of X Poker in the first month of the year, the event returns this season with the eventual winner being Lucas Mariotta.

In the Marriotta Championship, someone who played in this poker room last Wednesday won $830,000 on a $40,000 buy-in after winning 101 games (75 singles plus 26 replays).

In the final heads-up, the champion defeated another player Luis Vigna who had not been to the Santa Fe Casino since the epidemic, and won the second place Pedro Cardozo earned $560,000 to finish on the podium and return to his home state of Paraná with $400,000.

X Poker – Santa Fe Casino

Buy-in: $40,000

Entries: 101 (75 and 26 re-entries)

Pot: $3,330,000

Final Rating

1° Lucas Mariota – $830,0002° Louis Viña – $560,0003° Pedro Cardozo – $400,0004° Alejandro Farias – $330,0005° Juan Rodriguez – $265,0006° Rodrigo Bilbao – $230,0007° Leonardo Vera – $200,0008° Luciano Morano – $170,0009° Dario Busqueti – $120,00010° Christian Ortega – $100,00011° Marcelo Riva – $65,00012° Ariel Cabrera – $60,000

Mariotta Wins Last X Poker at Santa Fe Casino

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  • This text describes a high-stakes poker tournament at Santa Fe Casino in 2024, with Lucas Mariotta emerging as the eventual winner. The event had a large number of entries, with the top players walking away with significant cash prizes.

  • Hermina.beatty

    I think it is impressive that Lucas Mariotta won the Marriotta Championship at Santa Fe Casino with such a large cash prize. It’s also interesting to see the breakdown of the winnings for the top 12 players.

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