Join Winamax’s elite Red Diamond Club for second Sunday of surprises in the series

Join Winamax’s elite Red Diamond Club for second S...

The 38th Winamax Series is the first big surprise in 2024. The French pavilion promised us the biggest festival in the history of the “.

They paid out an average of almost 2 million euros per day and the sales table for the main event disappointed us with a jackpot of over 6,000,000 euros.

Sunday Surprises have become part of the calendar for all editions of the series and for loyal fans. The online poker company says it is no secret that additional bonuses are available during these dates. . On the first day of the series, the surprise champion wins tickets to all the festival activities. On the second day of the series, the door to the most exclusive VIP club of the loyalty system created by Red W opens for you, Red Diamond. Prize details:

The winner of Sunday’s contest will receive VIP status with a 5-carat red diamond for one year, from January 15, 2024 to January 14, 2025. The winner will benefit from all the benefits associated with this VIP status, such as:

Work with the most dedicated professionals in the room and receive all the privileges of others working throughout the season, the entrance fee is €10 The only requirement is to be the last person to attend The tournament paid out €16,297 to the winner last Sunday.

Join Winamax’s elite Red Diamond Club for second S...

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  • Caroline.price

    This text discusses the surprising success of the 38th Winamax Series, highlighting the large payouts and impressive jackpot. The company also mentions special bonuses and rewards for loyal players, including VIP status and a chance to win a red diamond.

  • Russel.schiller

    This text appears to be discussing the 38th installment of the Winamax Series, a poker festival. It highlights the high payouts and bonuses offered during the event, including a large jackpot and a chance to win a VIP status.

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