How to get to Barcelona CEP and where is it?

How to get to Barcelona CEP and where is it?

In less than a month, the Spanish Championship of Poker (CEP) will be held at the brand new Casino Barcelona as the city is a major tourist One of the destinations in European Summer is that have a guide who knows how to get there and where to stay during the festival.

With its vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches and rich culture, the so-called City of Candal has become the most popular destination for hosting this prestigious event One of the places. Following a successful February, CEP will be held in November. Return to the Mediterranean coast by August 21st for a schedule of six tournaments with buy-ins starting from €200 to €1,100.

Barcelona has a extensive transportation network, making it easy for players and tourists from all over the world to get there. Barcelona El Prat International Airport is one of the main points of entry, with direct flights from many European cities and continents. From here you can take a taxi, use a shuttle service or use public transportation such as the metro or use a bus . strong> Arrive in the city center.

The city has a well-developed rail network, connecting it with other Spanish and European cities. Central Railway Station is located in Barcelona Sants, from where you can take a taxi or take public transport to your accommodation.

Accommodation Options in Barcelona

This destination offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every budget. Below are some recommended areas for those looking for accommodation during CEP.

  1. La Barceloneta: This area is right on the beach, ideal if you want to enjoy the sea and beach life. Here you will find many hotels and apartments with panoramic sea views. And it’s very close to the Barcelona Casino.
  2. Gothic Quarter: If you want to live in the heart of the old town, the Gothic Quarter is the place for you, the perfect choice. This charming area is filled with narrow streets, historic squares and centuries-old buildings. There are plenty of boutique hotels and charming accommodation here.
  3. The Eixample: This large residential area is known for its modernist architecture and wide avenues. There are plenty of hotel chains here, as well as apartments and rental apartments.
  4. Gràcia: If you’re looking for a more local and bohemian experience, Gràcia is right in the box. This neighborhood has a unique atmosphere with lively squares, alternative shops and cozy bars. There is also a variety of charming apartments and accommodation here.

Without a doubt, the Casino of Barcelona is an exciting destination to enjoy the Spanish Poker Tournament. It is easily accessible from anywhere in the world and the accommodation options are plentiful, making it one of the best destinations to experience the action-packed action at the poker tables. Get ready for a unique experience at Barcelona CEP!

How to get to Barcelona CEP and where is it?


  • This text provides information about the Spanish Championship of Poker (CEP) taking place in Barcelona, highlighting the city’s attractions and transportation options. It also suggests recommended areas for accommodation, catering to different preferences and budgets. Overall, it presents Barcelona as an exciting and accessible destination for the poker tournament.

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