Guilherme Ramalho Turns Twist, Wins GGWF Main Event for $871,000

Guilherme Ramalho Makes Movie Turn, Wins GGWF Main...

The Brazilian flag was dropped on the main event podium at the inaugural GGPoker World Festival. In the biggest final table of his career, Guilherme Ramalho finished bottom of the Millionaire Championship. In total, the bracelet brought in $871,221, or about 4.3 million reais, for the “NegoNey” account driver.

Guilherme had just seven BBS at the time of the decision, less than half the stack of his main opponent. On the first hurdle, he busted with A♥J♠ and pushed his chips into the middle of the table. Mathias Joelssen was the only one to call and revealed 10♥10♣. The flop of 10♠Q♠6♥K♠4♣ completely hit Brasuca and he doubled up.

It was still Guilherme in the end, with Diego “Spdr_J8” Martins finishing ninth. In a farewell, Mauricio “Promoking” Ferreira Pais, who opened with the MP, responded with a 3-bet straight at the cutoff. Halfway through the game, the Warriors players announced they were all-in and got the call. With A♠Q♣ against A♣K♠, Diego has absolutely no chance of landing on 10♠K♥A♥6♣8♥.

In eight-handed hands, Guilherme started winning big pots against Chris Klodnicki, the player who would be his biggest opponent when the dispute ended. In a blind war, the Americans went out in the open and got the call. Guilherme won with 10 10 ♥ against 4 3 ♦ on board A ♦Q♠7♠3♠K and doubled his stack.

Shortly thereafter, Guilherme received two raises immediately. With K ♦K♣ in hand, Milos fielded “Picasso98” Petakovic Joelssen and “girru85”, players with A♥Q and A♣K♠ respectively.

On the next level, Klodnicki tried again to steal the blinds. Guilherme called the former WSOP champ’s all-in and showed A♣J♦. With A♥4♣, Klodnicki couldn’t find his outs on a J♣6♥2♥A♠7♠ board and was short of Guilherme.

Petakovic in turn sent another opponent home. “GirafBumBum” wasn’t surprised by the 9♥J♠3♦J♣A♣ board when K?K♥ played against K♠9♠.

The next elimination will come soon. Under the flashlight, Ferreira Pais 4-bet all-in to beat Klodnicki’s A♠A♥. The German dominated with A?K♠ before finishing with J♥5♥10♠3♣9♣.

In a fairly close 4-hand match, Petakovic was knocked out by friendly fire. “In a pre-flop all-in against compatriot Danilo Velasevic, he conceded the most in A♥K♣ vs. Q♣Q♠.

Although Velasevic took a 3-hand lead all by himself, He still took the lead. Farewell to the champ. When he was down to 14 BBS, he defended the big hand and declared an all-in 3-bet. Guilherme instacalled and showed J♠J♥ with 10♥8♦, the European Still in the lead A♠2♥J 5 2 ♦ Boards behind.

Guilherme leads Klodnicki’s 22 bbs with 54 bbs and doesn’t notice the player Klodnicki made an all-in push with 9 BBS, Guilherme called with 9 9♣ and the American with K♣7 was eliminated when the board came down 8♣3♠6♥10♠2♠.

Played in frozen format, the Main Event broke $8,000,000 in guarantees among 6,191 registered entrants Check out what each finalist earned from the $8,822,175 prize pool:

1. Guilherme “NegoNey” Ramalho (Brazil) $871,221

2. Chris Klodnicki (USA) $644,729

3. Danilo Velasevic (Serbia) $477,289

4. Milos “Picasso98” Petakovic (Serbia) $353,352

5. Mauricio “Promoking” Ferreira Pais (Germany) $261,616

6. “GirafBumBum” ( Romania) $193,713

7. “girru85” (Christmas Island) $143,453

8. Mathias Joelssen (Sweden) $106,251

9. Diego “Spdr_J8 ” Martins (Brazil) $78,714

Guilherme Ramalho Makes Movie Turn, Wins GGWF Main...


  • The text discusses the results of the GGPoker World Festival, specifically the Millionaire Championship where Guilherme Ramalho finished in first place, earning $871,221. It also mentions the performance of other players and their respective prize money.

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