Grinder Report: The Full Impact of Virtual Wipes

As long as there are online matches, our grinder will fight like him. He doesn’t always win, but he usually strives for the best possible result.

The $88 Daily Special was won by Juan Sarmiento $6,461. tengouncomodin finished fourth in the tournament and won $2,724. Another win went to Rodrigo RodriDiaz3 Diaz, who won Bounty Builder 22 for $3,077.

In turn, DuSann99 took first place in the Bounty Hunters Hyper Special $21.60 for $1,558. In turn, RollinsSeth did the same at the Hot Hyper $22 for $1,089. He nearly repeated goodonda, who finished second in the 201-L $25 Mini-Tuesday Classic for $9,296.

Also ScuttleButtin came second in the Bounty Hunters Encore $54 for $2,654, afcp33 Finished second in Bounty Builder 82 for $1,394.

In the end, Armando Seiko116 Ore finished 4th in the 55 Daily Supersonic with a prize of $2,044, Irvin DRchorizo​​​​​​Garcia Finished 5th in the Contest 203-H: $525 on sale Tuesday for Super Heater HR $5,227.


  • This text appears to be a list of online poker players and their winnings in various tournaments. It highlights their achievements and monetary prizes.

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