Felipe Boianovsky and Paulo Brombim in Financial Times at SCOOP Main Event High

Felipe Boianovsky and Paulo Brombim Featured in FT...

Brazil’s missing SCOOP title could come tomorrow. At the end of Day 3 of the Main Event Senior, two players from around the country will compete for the million dollar prize. Currently, Felipe Boianovsky and Paulo Brombim are tied with 64 and 45 BBs respectively.

Both have won at least $100,011. To leave PokerStars with a whopping $1,036,199, they’ll need to beat seven other FT pros, including Portuguese Daniel “Dani C19941893” Custódio. Based in Brazil, he jumped to second place after securing the final table lineup. Here’s what happened:

In blinds of 150,000/300,000 with an ante of 37,500, Daniel raised to 630,000 and called Matthew “Stumpfed” Stumpf’s 3-bet to 1,800,000. The flop came 5♠10♣2♦, the Canadian bet 1,950,000, and Daniel then called a check-raise and moved all-in for 11,439,595. Stumpf called and showed 10,113,241 for K♣K♠. Daniel dominated with the A 10 and found one of his outs on the A ♥ turn. The 7♠ river couldn’t keep Stumpf out and he took 10th place for $78,306.

Contest resumes at 1:30pm ET. PokerStars will be broadcasting all show hands on its Twitch channel starting at 2:00pm.

Number of chips

1. “Deiv4za” (Lithuania) 28.115.781

2. Daniel “Dani C19941893” Custódio (Portugal) 25.790.336

3. Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Bujtas (Hungary) 24,865,780

4. Felipe “lipe piv” Boianovsky (Brazil) 19,273,800

5. Paulo “paulinhoo00” Brombim (Brazil) 13,798,800

6. “WelcomeINnferNO” (Austria) 9.683.333

7. Arsenii “hello_totti” Malinov (Russia) 9.104.876

8. “DingeBrinker” (Estonia) 8,120,996

9. AnyExtras (Canada) 7,996,840


1. $1,036,199

2. $768,358

3. $569,751

4. $422,480

5. $313,276

6. $232,299

7. $172,254

8. $127,729

9. $100,011

Felipe Boianovsky and Paulo Brombim Featured in FT...

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