Exclusive: Matheus Abrantes and Dani Aziz for ME Low’s Financial Times

SCOOP: Matthews Abrantes and Daniel Aziz to repres...

SCOOP The Brazilian Show in the three buy-in categories of the Main Event all finished on the low version. As the stars qualify for the senior and intermediate categories, two other big names from the national stage will represent the country in the main event junior title, with Matthews Abrantes and Daniel Aziz in a battle for glory alive.

Competing against 22,663 entrants in the $109 tournament, Matheus and Daniel are among the nine finalists and poised to make history on the tour. One of the best slots was Matheus Abrantes, “Bolonhax” on PokerStars.

KSOP Special’s High Roller Lightweight Champion Matheus, “Bolognax”, made the decision with the fourth-best chip stack of 78,524,836 or 56 blinds. Daniel Aziz (“dani aziz”) has already won the Sunday Million in this edition of SCOOP, entering the semi-annual tournament with 36,311,248 chips and 25 blinds.

The tournament chip leader is Malta’s “PokerHorst” with 115,519,128 chips. The Main Event Low will continue tomorrow at 1:30pm with blinds of 700,000 / 1,400,000. Finalists have been awarded $15,503. The overall prize money is $232,581.

Daniel Aziz

Checking Chip Counts:

“PokerHorst” (Malta) – 115,519 .128 ” Sodaski ” (Ukraine) – 105.717. 839 “LUCKXXXL” (Ukraine) – 90.882.991 Matheus Abrantes “bolonhax” (Brazil) – 78.524.836 “URIEL_ROCK” (Argentina) – 73.117.021 Daniel Aziz “dani aziz” (Brazil) – 36,311,248 “BluffyRabbit” (UK) – 25,885,329 “xGGJ88x” (Luxembourg) – 21,782,664 “nonni77” (Iceland) – 18,883,947

See Prizes:

1st Place – $232,581 2nd Place – $165,777 3rd – $118,171 4th – $84,236 5th – $60,046 6th – $42,803 7th – $30,511 8th – $21,749 9th – $15,503

SCOOP: Matthews Abrantes and Daniel Aziz to repres...

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