Exclusive: Brombim and Boianovsky enter ME tiebreaker

SCOOP The final stand proved that Brazil is fast becoming one of the best poker countries in the world today. The Brazilian flag will be featured in all three editions of the PokerStars Series Main Event. The biggest event is the $10,300 Main Event High, featuring two of the best players in the country: Felipe Boianovsky and Paulo Brombim.

The two pros have already qualified for the tournament finals, where a millionaire award will be awarded to the champion. After three days of competition, Felipe and Brombim are among the nine finalists out of a field of 537 who signed up for the competition, and are likely to win on Wednesday.

The best ranked player is Boianovsky. “lipe piv,” one of the most skilled players in the country, advanced to the final table with the third-best chip stack and will go into Wednesday’s tiebreaker with 24,865,780 in chips. That equates to a total of just over 82 blinds for the Brazilian on a stellar play.

The site’s “paulinhoo00” Paulo Brombim also did a great job. He has a total of 19,273,800 in chips and 64 blinds, finishing fourth behind “lipe piv”. The tournament chip leader is Lithuanian player “deiv4za” who entered the final day with 28,115,781.

There were other big names at the final table, such as Portuguese Daniel Custódio, who played under him for the Brazilian flag, Omaha ace Laszlo Buitas and Dutchman Arseni Malinoff . Additionally, last year’s champion Austrian WElcomeINferNO returned to the FT in an incredible matchup.

The climax of the SCOOP Main Event will take place this Wednesday at 1:30pm. All qualifiers have earned six-figure prize money, with $100,011 for ninth place. The stakes are $1,036,199 in prize money and ultimate glory in the biggest PokerStars tournament of the year.

Paulo Brombim

Check Chip Count:

“deiv4za” (Lithuania) – 28.115.781 Daniel Custódio “DaniC19941893” (Portugal) – 25.790.336 Laszlo Bujtas “omaha4rollz” (Hungary) – 24.865.780 Felipe Boianovsky “lipepiv” (Brazil) – 19,273,8 00 Paulinhoo00 ” (Brazil) – 13,798,258 “WelcomeINferNO” (Austria) – 9 ,683,333 Arsenii Malinov “hello_totti” (Russia) – 9,104,876 “DingeBrinker” (Estonia) – 8.1 20,996 “AnyExtras” (Canada) – 7,996,840

See betting prizes:

1st place – $1,036,199 2nd place – $768,358 3rd place – $569,751 4th place – $422,480 5th place – $313,276 6th place – $232,299 7th place – $172,254 8th place – $127,729 9th place – $100,011

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