El Team Winamax ficha a su Amadi francés, Mehdi Chaoui

El Team Winamax ficha a su Amadi francés, Mehdi Ch...

Team Winamax will introduce a new player at EPT Monte Carlo. Adrian, Leo and Estelle have a new partner named Mehdi Chaoui whose story is sure to remind you of someone.

Adrian Mateos has quickly become a benchmark in Spanish poker, and in the short time since his first win on the national circuit at the age of 18, he has made it to the EPT High Roller event, and more importantly, he hasn’t lost a single score from it . But just the opposite.

A new addition to the Winamax team, 22-year-old Mehdi , also made his first steps at his local poker club in Paris, before racking up some notable results on the local circuit (a A win and several final tables). , the next thing we heard from him in a few months was that he had won his first cash at the EPT High Roller in Prague and that he would be making the final table at the EPT Paris, albeit for a short time .

Like Amadi, his short-term plans include playing in the world’s most expensive tournament once he finds himself up to the challenge.

“My goals are clear. I want to get into the high rollers as soon as possible and be competitive in the game.”

Choaui intends to emulate Adrian on the team after he lands, at least in terms of his schedule. “I’m going to play the Winamax events (SISMIX and WPO), the EPT Monte Carlo, maybe the Triton series,” even though his schedule has little room for his WSOP debut.

The potential of a player of Moroccan descent has not gone unnoticed in the team’s engine room. His new manager , Stephane Matheu , assured him they had been following him for a year.

“The sponsorship market moves between signings and leaving. We have reached a point where we can add a member to the team. After much deliberation, we have decided to sign him.”

Chaoui promoted branding by prominently displaying his avatar in the lobby of the online space, where he won three Winamax Series events under the nickname ” Carence en L “. Speaking of the Moroccan, Stephen is full of praise, especially when it comes to Mahdi’s maturity.

“He’s young, very capable, ambitious and has been in a lot of media over the last two years. His mentality is in line with the team’s values ​​and he’s highly motivated. He’s very mature for his age. , the poker ecosystem and the industry as a whole has a global perspective, which is a perfect fit for Winamax.”

It certainly helped him pass with flying colors Davidi Kitai , who went head-to-head with the rising European poker star at the EPT in the French capital.

“We took part together in the €10,000 Mystery Bounty at EPT Paris, a ‘fully regular’ tournament. I was impressed because it took a lot of guts to play against so many good players! He was almost speechless It can be said that his emotions were well controlled and he played very well that day.

The Triton series is a big word, but it doesn’t seem like a bad place to be, as it makes a very similar leap to the one that Mateos made in his time. Then we have to continue on the same path as Adrienne, but that would unfairly accuse the new team Winamax because there are very few players in the world who can match our No. 1. But for now, it’s a good start.

El Team Winamax ficha a su Amadi francés, Mehdi Ch...

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