Daniel Weinmann Reveals Trade Discussions and Naming After Party

Daniel Weinmann reveals comparison discussions and...

Daniel Weinman is the hottest name on the world stage after winning the WSOP Main Event this year. The American joined the PokerNews podcast and shared some behind-the-scenes details of his win. He talked about the cover party, revealed trade discussions, and even commented on the all-important fiasco with JJ at the semifinal table.

How about the Night of Champions?

The WSOP Main Event returned on the final day with three players and a minimum stack of 83 big blinds. It felt like it was going to be a long night, but a decision was made after just two hours. 3:20 p.m. In Las Vegas, Weinmann and his friends are already celebrating their win and $12,100,000 in prize money.

“I didn’t have a crazy night,” Daniel said. “The World Series was very kind enough to give us a suite at the Horseshoe Hotel (the hotel where the game is played) and they stocked everyone with wine, food and drinks. Funny thing is, when we got to the suite, there was nothing there , so we thought we had to buy everything,” he explained.

Lack of communication made things weird. “Sean Dibb ended up sending a friend of ours to get drinks, and when he came back, the World Series ended up delivering everything so we had enough drinks for 500 people,” the star said. commented. That night, they went to dinner at a very lively restaurant where there was a party.

After the alcoholic dinner, Daniel said, “I went to bed by 10pm. I think everyone went back.” “I went to the suite and partyed all night, but that’s not my thing. Although The last day was short, but I was still tired. I was ready for bed,” said the main event winner.

Finally, is there an agreement?

The speed of the three-handed tournament and the guts of some of the finalists led the Internet to speculate that the agreement between Weinmann, Walton and Jones was struck behind the scenes at the WSOP and was not an official one. Daniel confirmed that no deal was reached, but revealed that the three had talked.

“We talked in the morning. We tried to come to an agreement, no matter the amount.” You have money, you don’t want to play poker for that much money. No matter what benefits I thought I had, even they somehow realized I might have benefits, but we talked about so much money and they didn’t “I don’t want to give up the amount I’m asking for,” he explained.

Wayman found a way to reduce the amount at risk. “We ended up taking a gamble and I ended up selling ICM shares to some outside investors.”

JJ who caused a sensation

With 14 players remaining, Wayman suffers Battered in a ridiculous triple all-in. With JJ, he beat KK and QQ, survived and became a giant in the fight. When asked if this was the most important hand, the champion agreed. “Anyway. I think this will be remembered as the most important hand to see online for years to come.”

He also spoke about the game. “I don’t think anyone would think twice if it was in any other poker tournament. Everyone would say, ‘It’s a pretty standard game, three high hands, more than thirty blinds, and you end up with a total of Yes, but because ‘there are 14 players left in the main event, you end up attracting more eyes, more attention.’

“If I lose my hand, every Everyone would say it was a horrible collision. He concluded by commenting: “Because I won, half the internet said it was bad and the other half said it was a good move. ”

Daniel Weinmann reveals comparison discussions and...


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    The text provides an overview of Daniel Weinman’s experience winning the WSOP Main Event, including behind-the-scenes details and his thoughts on key moments. It highlights his celebration, lack of communication at the suite, and discussions about potential agreements among the finalists.

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