Betting on where Messi will play in 2023/24 begins

Betting on where Messi will play in 2023/24 begins

You risk everything. A win, a draw, who will score first, sent off, number of corners, everything. That’s in football. Multiply that by every sport and activity you know. There is now a new option: Bet on which club Lionel Messi will play for next season.

The Argentine will end his contract with Paris Saint-Germain on June 30th and will then look for someone who is looking for another destination, or at least suggested, despite the player’s The father clarified that he has not yet negotiated a change of destination for his son. But Leo’s relationship with the Parisian club has clearly broken down, with the Argentine not coming close to the Champions League title in two years, not even that carrot left.

Messi Odds

In this sense, although it may seem unbelievable, there is already a bookmaker that has started a risk game of money and Messi will choose fate. Sportium has announced odds of €1.50 per bet if the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner lands in Saudi Arabian football like Cristiano Ronaldo. Barcelona? As the Catalan club situation is a bit complicated, today you pay 2.40.

Bets on Messi and Argentina are coming…

But that’s not all: if you think he’s going to move from MLS to InterMiami, They will pay 8 euros for each bet. 11 if he stays in Paris; 17 if he joins Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, now in the Champions League final; and 29 if he joins Newell’s team and grow the team. A little further is Chelsea at 34 EUR.

Why did Arab Al Hilal pay the least amount? The 400 million euros a year reason, that’s the amount of the contract if Messi agrees to take his football to the Asian continent. Shouldn’t Barcelona pay less? While there has been more talk of his return to the Catalan club, it seems to have more to do with Curry’s desire than with the money they could bring.

This is what gambling is all about. wrong? Money…

Betting on where Messi will play in 2023/24 begins


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    This text discusses the options for betting on which club Lionel Messi will play for next season, highlighting the breakdown of his relationship with Paris Saint-Germain and the odds offered by a bookmaker. It also mentions the possibility of Messi joining clubs like Barcelona, Manchester City, InterMiami, or a Saudi Arabian team, with differing payout rates.

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