Benitez and Toro are the bright spots on GGPoker

Benitez and Toro are the bright spots on GGPoker

The series that is still going strong is GGPoker. World Music Festival still has a few events left, and Latinos continue to take advantage of the situation for big bucks. But just as these tournaments are going on, so are the daily tournament prize pools.

Francisco Benítez and Sebastian Toro gave their all in the race on the last day of the race, he was in the Excellent performance in the game.

The Uruguayan’s performance took place at 199-S: $1,500 Tuesday Titan HR. It was here that Benitez made it to the final table and climbed the paytable to finish third for $23,647.

The match lasted just under 8 hours and 20 minutes, and included Dennys Ramos as the winner in agreement with Bruno Volkmann. The former cost $39,138, while the other sold for $34,446.

Meanwhile, Toro entered with 72 entries Entry won the traditional High Roller Bounty Warm Up $840 with a prize pool of $57,600.

The biggest payout went to Toro’s funds, who won despite being mentioned 3 times and pocketed $17,192. His prize money was split between the $12,137 he received and the $5,054 for the winner.

He defeated SenvintySync heads-up for $9,449 and Andras Nemeth finished third for $4,443.

Benitez and Toro are the bright spots on GGPoker


  • This text appears to be discussing ongoing poker tournaments, specifically highlighting the success of GGPoker and the participation of Latino players, such as Francisco Benítez and Sebastian Toro, who achieved notable performances and won substantial prize money in their respective events.

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