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London and Luxon Pay Invitational again make Bryn Kenney the track’s biggest winner

London and Luxon Pay Invitational again make Bryn...

Champion Bryn Kenney

American Bryn Kenney picks up two of the biggest awards of his career in London , by sheer coincidence, the prize amounts are so high that they alone account for 40% of the largest prize pool ever won by a single player in the history of live tournament poker.

Kenney received $6,860,000 as the winner The Luxon compared to the $20.5 million in change he collected from participants in the 2019 Triton Million Charity Race, London The Paid Invitational of the Triton Poker Series dwarfs by comparison, just a few blocks from where yesterday’s winner was crowned.

Bryn’s next two biggest cashes, however, were also at the Triton Series tournament, with the main events of his two HU’s in Jeju and Montenegro. Interestingly enough, he made more money from the tournaments he lost in South Korea than from the tournaments he won, but that in itself is a testament to the continued growth of the High Roller Tour, which is the live winning list today. key figures in.

The organization has 137 contestants formalized, contributed by 95 unique players. With 65 chips left, it looked like the Tritons were ready to give the Spanish fans their last iron before pulling out of no-limit hold’em.

Juan Pardo is second in chips behind Pedro Garagnani, while I Ignacio Moron and Roberto Perez are above tournament average under his leadership. 23rd and 18th respectively.

After all the live coverage of the High Rollers this week, we’re almost popping the popcorn, but we’ll be back at 3pm on one of the platforms Triton uses to see what our players are doing this week Performance in the Main Event, which does not yet have a price list, as registration does not close until the next day.

London and Luxon Pay Invitational again make Bryn...

How to get to Barcelona CEP and where is it?

How to get to Barcelona CEP and where is it?

In less than a month, the Spanish Championship of Poker (CEP) will be held at the brand new Casino Barcelona as the city is a major tourist One of the destinations in European Summer is that have a guide who knows how to get there and where to stay during the festival.

With its vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches and rich culture, the so-called City of Candal has become the most popular destination for hosting this prestigious event One of the places. Following a successful February, CEP will be held in November. Return to the Mediterranean coast by August 21st for a schedule of six tournaments with buy-ins starting from €200 to €1,100.

Barcelona has a extensive transportation network, making it easy for players and tourists from all over the world to get there. Barcelona El Prat International Airport is one of the main points of entry, with direct flights from many European cities and continents. From here you can take a taxi, use a shuttle service or use public transportation such as the metro or use a bus . strong> Arrive in the city center.

The city has a well-developed rail network, connecting it with other Spanish and European cities. Central Railway Station is located in Barcelona Sants, from where you can take a taxi or take public transport to your accommodation.

Accommodation Options in Barcelona

This destination offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every budget. Below are some recommended areas for those looking for accommodation during CEP.

  1. La Barceloneta: This area is right on the beach, ideal if you want to enjoy the sea and beach life. Here you will find many hotels and apartments with panoramic sea views. And it’s very close to the Barcelona Casino.
  2. Gothic Quarter: If you want to live in the heart of the old town, the Gothic Quarter is the place for you, the perfect choice. This charming area is filled with narrow streets, historic squares and centuries-old buildings. There are plenty of boutique hotels and charming accommodation here.
  3. The Eixample: This large residential area is known for its modernist architecture and wide avenues. There are plenty of hotel chains here, as well as apartments and rental apartments.
  4. Gràcia: If you’re looking for a more local and bohemian experience, Gràcia is right in the box. This neighborhood has a unique atmosphere with lively squares, alternative shops and cozy bars. There is also a variety of charming apartments and accommodation here.

Without a doubt, the Casino of Barcelona is an exciting destination to enjoy the Spanish Poker Tournament. It is easily accessible from anywhere in the world and the accommodation options are plentiful, making it one of the best destinations to experience the action-packed action at the poker tables. Get ready for a unique experience at Barcelona CEP!

How to get to Barcelona CEP and where is it?

Phil Hellmuth is suffering without an FT in the WSOP so far

Three Semi-Final Tables, No Decisive Decisions: Ph...

Every WSOP question starts with an expectation : Will Phil Hellmuth, the series’ greatest champion, add more color to his accomplishment? The 16-title American has been around since the start of the current edition, but it hasn’t been easy so far.

Cheating at “Poker,” the world’s largest poker series, to claim his 17th title Blatter even managed to reach some finals. But frustration must be there for the demanding player, who has yet to hit a penalty in the series this season and has hit the post three times. This is the result of Hellmuth’s three semi-final appearances in 2023.

However, none of the players ranked higher than 11th. The first was Event 35, the $10,000 Secret Bounty, where Andre Akkari came in 10th. In this case, Hellmuth was exactly 11th, and he came close to making a decision, but ultimately didn’t. Still, it brought in the second-highest prize money of the series so far at $45,301.

A few days later , Hellmuth returned to the semi-final table and it was an important match. The American came close to winning the star-studded $50,000 Poker Players Championship, but lost in front of the Financial Times. Phil finished 14th for $97,209, his biggest WSOP win of the year.

Finally, Hellmuth’s third “almost” final table came in Event #54 $10,000 HORSE tournament. Simultaneously with the first, “The Poker Kid” was again No. 11 and hit another bar. This time around, he earned $29,478 for his entry, although the aftertaste was somewhat bitter.

If you count the three semi-finals, Phil Hellmuth already has nine ITMs in 2023. Can he hit any FT and increase his FT? Is the number of titles in this issue still blank?

Three Semi-Final Tables, No Decisive Decisions: Ph...

Who is the mysterious Lucky 7 player?

Who is the mysterious Lucky 7 player?

The 77th event of the World Series of Poker is the famous Lucky’s 7 tournament with a buy-in of $777 and a first place guarantee of $777777, all rolled into one 7 hand version from 7. July. Fortunately, the leader of the first flight, Thomas Blanton, was with him…from? We don’t know who they are because they “did not report”.

As the WSOP lists and chronicles show. We know that Day 1 of Lucky’s 7 Aces drew 1,470 players who have exited the pot in seven figures, and 64 survivors entered Day 2 on Monday. Also, after 22 levels, Chase Blanton (2,265,000) has a narrow lead over the dangerous, elusive and fun Unreported” (2,200,000) or “Unreported”, as tradition dictates, is the name given to players who leave chips on the table and disappear.

Thomas Chase Blanton, Team Leader for Lucky’s 7 Day 1A.

He will keep it in his pocket until the first three flights of Lucky’s 7 It must be picked up the 2nd day after use. The second of which will continue this Saturday with unlimited re-entry.

Who is the mysterious Lucky 7 player?

WSOP: Clayton Fletcher’s withdrawal from the Main Event is officially brutal

Perfect unity and partiality: Clayton Fletcher com...

The WSOP Main Event is the most anticipated tournament of the year, where amateurs often share tables with the pros. To become world champion, you have to face a marathon 11 days of competition, but some players end up starting too early.

Just like Israeli Idan The One, who suffered during his tournament and quit early, comedian Clayton Fletcher loves poker and is one of those people who has given up on his dream of becoming a world champion in a very brutal way.

Three-betting the flop, he moved all-in for 100 big blinds. His opponent also showed a three-pointer and escaped with just one out. This is exactly what Clayton was unhappy about on the turn.

The ace showed up at the table, giving the opponent four of a kind and getting him into serious trouble. Unable to find the only possible way to avoid being eliminated, Clayton had to watch as River eclipsed him from the competition in the most brutal of ways.

Perfect unity and partiality: Clayton Fletcher com...

“If you’re not ready for the series, Las Vegas will do badly”

It has been 20 years since Chris Manimaker won the WSOP ME Championship. A lot has changed in that time, but one thing has remained constant: Tens of thousands of poker players descend on the gambling capital every summer. They all have one goal in common: to make a lot of money and have a good time.

But for novices, the trip to Las Vegas is a major test of strength. Chris even said that if you’re not fully prepared for the series, the city will kick your ass. Here are some tips from Mr. Chris.

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Prep Tasks.

“You don’t know how many times I’ve seen someone who couldn’t keep their eyes open the next day because they were at a party the night before. Go ahead, it’s not a mistake. But to avoid it, you have to plan ahead

There is always something going on in Las Vegas. Every day, 24 hours a day, something happens here. Something about the city. These are the ins and outs of the city. If you hang out every chance you get, you’ll end up wanting yourself to fall asleep right away during important events.

“You have to know which races you want to play in before you leave the race.” Airplane. If you’re going to be there for a while, plan a weekend between races. Get plenty of rest at night. These tips may seem simple, but in a city like Vegas, discipline in the little things can make all the difference. “

Chris recommends no more than two races in one day. Playing many races in one day is very difficult for the amateur (or even professional) mind and budget .Unless, of course, you’re Daniel Negrean, spending $1,000,000 on buy-ins.

Where to stay and eat

Since Now that the WSOP has moved out of Rio, there are more good places to stay. Watch out for lunch times and make reservations in time. You usually know the approximate break times. The last thing you want is fighting over food just in time for the next leg of the tournament.

Manimaker likes to live in Bellagio, Wynn or Aria. Especially now in Horseshoe/Paris, Chris recommends walking as much as possible.

Listen to your body.

Vegas wears you out. Heat, long days, endless worries and tension; they take their toll. Four or five in Vegas After days, people are usually tired; so tired.

“I was flying to the main event the other day. If I crash, I’m ready to go home on the next flight. I would repeat the rest of my advice and listen to your body. These days can be tough when you are at your best. If you’re overworked, burned out, or persistently burned out, you’re at risk for burnout or worse. “

Good luck this summer

Chris is currently at home with his wife and kids. Be with them at home But of course he will be in the main event:

“You can practice all seven weeks of the series, or just aim for one game like I did. Either way, the work you put in upfront will pay off in the long run. Get ready, play well, run well. Good luck this summer.

This was Chris’ suggestion. Admit it, who has been to Las Vegas at least once? How is it? 🙂

Satellite Gaming at Shambhala Casino

Pokerdom Shambhala Casino Tournament Satellites

At Shambala Casino, In Vladivostok’s gambling district, tournaments and cash games don’t stop throughout the day. A selection of the funniest activities in the Pokerdom room is now available. As always, you can try your hand at the daily freerolls.

Satellites start June 5. With their help, you can get tickets for Shambala Accumulator Stage 2 and Shambala Accumulator Stage 3. Since this is the same game, the buy-in fees are quite different.

The entrance fee for the second stage is 9,000 rubles. The third game will cost 30,000 rubles due to the large starting stacks and proximity to the ITM area.

Satellites on Pokerdom will run until and including June 18, and with at least six tickets for Day 2 and Day 2 tickets required, 3 will be in this period in time.

Phase 2 Satellites.

You can start your journey with the daily freerolls starting at 10:00 AM (MSC). They gave away tickets for 5 sections worth 100 rubles. Ladder Satellites will also be played daily at 1:00pm. The final prize is a ticket worth 1,000 rubles.

Finals are traditionally held on Sunday at 13:00 (MSC). Among them, three lucky ones received tickets worth 9,000 rubles. Re-buy and re-enter each stage and freeroll.

Stage 3 Satellites

Stage 3 has a similar grid: freerolls at 10:00 daily and stapes at 13:00. Sunday final. However, in the freerolls, the Stacks raffle ticket is sold for 300 rubles, while the Stacks raffle ticket for the final stage is worth 3,000 rubles. In the final stage, only one player will receive a ticket worth 30,000 rubles.

Target event will be held at the end of the month. The second phase began on June 23, and the third phase began on June 24. You only need to use your ticket to enter the game. There will be no financial or other compensation of any kind. Unused satellite tickets will also expire after June 18.

Pokerdom Shambhala Casino Tournament Satellites

WSOP: Roman Hrabec Finishes Event #16 US$ 25K High Roller

WSOP: Roman Hrabec Leads 13 Finalists in Valuable...

Also No WSOP High Roller started last Wednesday with many of the world’s best players taking part in Event 16, the $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em 8-Hand High Roller. From the first day, 264 people have signed up. The second day ended yesterday, and the contestants officially entered the final stage.

Now, there are only 13 players left on the field, and the last survivor is getting closer. The winner will walk away with a whopping prize of nearly $1.7 million. Leading the way was Austrian star Roman Hrabec, who had a decent lead in first place.

Hrabec enters Day 3 with 6,050,000 in chips, which equates to just over 60 blinds. return. He was followed by American Frank Funaro who raised $5,065,000. Third was Latvia’s Aleksejs Ponakovs with 4,470,000 in chips and the last player to reach 4KK was Portugal’s João Vieira with 4,090,000 in chips.

The 13 finalists also Including five-time WSOP champion Brian Rast, Isaac Haxton, Darren Elias and two-time WSOP champion Kristen Foxen. Even without reps in the sprint, Brazil can still rack up nice prizes in the competition. Credit goes to Renan Bruschi.

“Internet93o” holds a 10 percent stake in the Austrian player and can guarantee up to a six-figure sum based on Hrabek’s performance. Renan Bruschi joked on Instagram: “Best 10% ever? Vamooooooooo” were some of the words of the Brazilian star, who had every reason to root for Roman.

Event #16 is scheduled to continue at 12:00 noon Las Vegas time, 4:00 pm Brazil time with blinds 50,000/100,000. The 13 finalists have received at least $79,335. The winner will take home a whopping $1,698,215. Will “Nice” get away with it?

Renan Bruschi

WSOP: Roman Hrabec Leads 13 Finalists in Valuable...

KSOP GGPoker On: Elvis Renan and Bruno Porto Win on Stage

KSOP GGPoker Online is still hot on the virtual tables of the world’s largest poker site, with regulars continuing to compete for prizes, trophies and valuable Tour Leaderboard points. Elvis Renan and Bruno Porto were victorious on Wednesday (7th), day four of the event.

Start with Elvis Renan’s “REi Da Selva_” or “Catholão” in Event #14 Texas Festival, with buy-ins starting at $50. Second place went to Carlos Serrano “crumbs” (2nd – $480) and “kAli missT” (3rd – $366) on the podium.

Elvis also made the list, taking $200 out of 38 entrants in the fourth-place Event #15 High Roller PKO. The competition ended with “blanconegro”(1st place – $2,349), Peterson Machado “PetersonRJ” (2nd place – $1,474) and Eduardo Rios( 3. 1, 296 ) .

MORE: Eric Dal Magro and four other players book seats to KSOP GGPoker Iguazu Main Event

In Event# The 16 PLO Show had a $50 buy-in and 51 entries and the victory went to Bruno Porto, “James Blake”. Eduardo Rios (2nd – $491) and Carlos Serrano “Breadcrumbs” (3rd – $333) on the podium.

Finally, in Event 17, the $25 NLH Hyper, there were 66 entrants and Brazil won with “NoAccompaniment”. The winner took home $441. “Gmil1777” (2nd – $319 ) and “kkAlexkk” (3rd – $230 ) also stood out.

Benitez and Toro are the bright spots on GGPoker

Benitez and Toro are the bright spots on GGPoker

The series that is still going strong is GGPoker. World Music Festival still has a few events left, and Latinos continue to take advantage of the situation for big bucks. But just as these tournaments are going on, so are the daily tournament prize pools.

Francisco Benítez and Sebastian Toro gave their all in the race on the last day of the race, he was in the Excellent performance in the game.

The Uruguayan’s performance took place at 199-S: $1,500 Tuesday Titan HR. It was here that Benitez made it to the final table and climbed the paytable to finish third for $23,647.

The match lasted just under 8 hours and 20 minutes, and included Dennys Ramos as the winner in agreement with Bruno Volkmann. The former cost $39,138, while the other sold for $34,446.

Meanwhile, Toro entered with 72 entries Entry won the traditional High Roller Bounty Warm Up $840 with a prize pool of $57,600.

The biggest payout went to Toro’s funds, who won despite being mentioned 3 times and pocketed $17,192. His prize money was split between the $12,137 he received and the $5,054 for the winner.

He defeated SenvintySync heads-up for $9,449 and Andras Nemeth finished third for $4,443.

Benitez and Toro are the bright spots on GGPoker

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