André Berlanda targets doubles, finishes sixth in Sunday Million

André Berlanda targets doubles, finishes sixth in...

André Berlanda’s Sunday series ends tonight. In Sunday’s Millions decider, he was eliminated from contention for the Tag Team Championship after losing two big pots on several hands. The rider with the account “Palanke99” was eliminated in sixth place and won $19,856.

Andre plummeted in the sevens rankings. With K♠10♦, he defended the big hand and announced a 3-bet to 17,750,000. Start over: The “kristos96” button calls and sees 2♥9♦K♥ flop. Andre then bet 42,500,000. 32,504,377 owner “kristos96” insta called and submitted K♣Q♣. The jack on the turn and the 8♥ on the river confirmed the Czech’s victory, doubling his stack.

With only 12 BBS remaining, André was eliminated before the blinds could be changed. As a farewell, he declared an all-in check-raise when the flop came 7♥2♠A♥. “picimatyi” decided to call and revealed A 8♥. Neither the K♣ on the turn nor the 5♦ on the river eliminated André, who bid farewell to his second Heritage Championship.

PokerStars had a total of 9,631 entries and a $109 prize pool, falling short of Sunday’s guaranteed prize pool. million. “kristos96” won $77,764.

André Berlanda targets doubles, finishes sixth in...

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  • This text appears to be describing a poker tournament in which André Berlandas did not perform well, ultimately getting eliminated from contention. The tournament had fewer entries than expected, and “kristos96” emerged as the winner, receiving a prize of $77,764.

  • This text provides a recap of André Berlandas’ performance in the Sunday Millions tournament, where he was eliminated before reaching the Tag Team Championship. Despite losing in two key hands, André still won a prize of $19,856. “kristos96” emerged as the eventual winner, taking home $77,764.

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